Booking Terms

Within these booking terms and conditions, ‘The Hirer’ means the leading person in your party. ‘The Company’ means Claymoore Narrowboats Ltd. Please pay particular attention to our cancellation policy under clause 4 & 5.

1. Booking

A booking is confirmed when the Deposit of 25% of the Hire Charge has been received and a receipt issued by the Company. The balance of the Hire Charge is payable 6 weeks before the holiday departure date. A charge of £30 per additional pet is made to each booking where there are more than 2 pets. The price of the holiday booked includes one full tank of fuel. The cost of any additional fuel or toilet tank pump outs will be covered by the Hirer.

2. Security Deposits

Where two boats are booked by the same party, the hirer is under 25 years of age or the booking is for a single sex party, a £250 security deposit  will be required to be taken by credit or debit card on the day of arrival. This will be returned providing there is no damage to the companies or other boats, the boat is returned on time and in a clean and tidy manner and there have been no reports received of the navigation rules being broken or anti-social behaviour.

3. Under the age of 23

The Company cannot accept a booking from any person less than 23 years of age.

4. Cancellation

In the event of the Hirer having to cancel a booking every effort will be made to re-let the whole or part of the period booked at the best possible price. If we are successful in re-letting the boat at the booked rate the Hirer is then only charged 10% of the booked rate. If we are unsuccessful in re-letting the booking, or only obtain part of the booked rate, the Hirer remains responsible for the balance of the booked hire charge.

5. Cancellation & Holiday Insurance


6. Commencement of Holiday

Boats may be collected at 3:00pm on the start day for hire boats, 2:00pm for Rode Hall and 9:30am for day boats. Full instructions on the boat and its equipment will be given to each party. For beginners and others on request, comprehensive tuition on boat handling is provided with accompaniment through Preston Brook Tunnel and Dutton stop lock.

7. Return of Boats

The boat must be returned by 09.00am and vacated not later than 09.30am for hire boats, 12 noon for Rode Hall and 5:00pm or dusk (whichever is sooner) for day boats. Boats must be left in a clean condition. If boats are returned in a dirty condition the Company reserves the right to charge for any extra cleaning that is necessary. The Hirer is responsible for allowing sufficient time to return to the boat yard at the stated time, paying particular note to the navigation times of the Preston Brook Tunnel. If boats are not returned on time a charge of £10.00 per hour will be made.

8. Company Insurance

Whilst the Company provide insurance cover against loss of or damage to the boat and equipment and against public liability claims, the Company reserves the right to charge the Hirer for malicious, negligent or intentional damage.

9. Inventory and Equipment

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to check the inventory list and report any missing or damaged items. The Hirer is responsible for returning the inventory and equipment in the same condition.

10. Delays

The Company cannot be held responsible for any delays or non-fulfilment of programmes caused by breakdown, unforeseen defects, obstructions, repairs or damage, to either our boats or the Inland Waterways system. We also reserve the right to restrict the cruising area without notice if unusual conditions arise and make no financial adjustment.

11. Waterways Restrictions

In the event of Canal Closure, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Company reserves the right to operate from alternative bases as circumstances allow without making any financial adjustment.

12. Wastage of Water

The hirer is responsible for any wastage of water or damage caused by negligent use of lock paddles or other property resulting in a claim by the Water Authorities.

13. Accidents

The Hirer is responsible for the safe navigation of the boat, the safety of the crew and is in complete charge. In the event of an accident the Hirer must notify the Company as quickly as possible with full details and names and addresses of witnesses. DO NOT PREJUDGE THE CASE BY ADMITTING LIABILITY.

14. Navigation Limitations

The Hirer must not navigate in the hours of darkness or in fog. The Hirer shall not tow other boats or enter river or tidal waters without consent of the Company. The Hirer must not exceed the speed limit, attempt to overtake or race the boat.

15. Car Parking

The Company provide outdoor parking free of charge. Although we make every effort to ensure that no damage or loss occurs, the Company cannot accept liability.

16. Company Reservations

The Company reserves the right to refuse to hand over a boat to any person who in the Company’s opinion is not suitable to take charge. In such circumstances the sum paid by the Hirer will be refunded in full and no further claim shall be made against The Company. If the Company is unable to provide the boat booked or a suitable alternative the Company will refund the sum paid by the Hirer and no further claim shall be made against the Company. Should the Company provide an alternative boat whose full price is less than that paid by the Hirer, the Company will refund the difference between the price paid and the full price of the alternative boat during the same period.

17. Online Brochure

The descriptions of the boats in this online brochure are generally accurate but the Company will not be liable for any minor inaccuracy that may exist. Maps and plans are not to scale.

18. VAT

VAT is included in the prices at the prevailing rate. If this rate changes prior to payment of deposit and/or final balance the Company reserves the right to apply the revised rate at the respective times of payment.

19. Website Bookings

All bookings made through our website are provisional until confirmed in writing or by email by the company.

20. Boat Operation

The hirer agrees to operate the boat in a safe manner following the instruction given to them by the company and to abide by the speed limit of 4mph. The hirer agrees that they will be liable for the cost of any repairs where damage to the boat or its engine has been caused by speeding or malicious use. The hirer agrees that they will not operate or move the boat whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.