About Your Canal Boat Holiday

Canal boat holidays provide fun and relaxation for the whole family. Take off your watch and forget about time. On a canal boat holiday there’s no rushing and no important decisions to be made. In fact the biggest decision of your day might be what to have for dinner.

Built for the industrial revolution and now enjoyed by people from all over the world, the UK canal network really is Britain’s hidden gem. It’s a place where passers-by say hello and where strangers chat at locks. A place where you can cruise through beautiful open countryside or through vibrant cities. On a canal boat holiday the choice is yours and the experience is unique. Canal boat holidays take place as much in the open air as they do on your narrow boat.

Your boat is fully equipped with modern conveniences and with your own galley you can chose whether to cook on-board or enjoy a meal in one of the many canal-side pubs and restaurants in the towns and villages that you pass through. If you’ve never been on a narrowboat before you’ll notice that the name is a clue to it’s size. At 6 foot 10 inches wide (to ensure it fits through the narrow locks) and up to 70 feet long there is room for all of the beds, bathrooms and dining space you need. Some of our boats are even fitted with 220 volt power just in case you can’t be without your phone or laptop and if you are new to canal holidays, don’t worry, we’ll give you all the instruction you need to make your holiday a safe and enjoyable one.

Enjoy the freedom canal boat holidays bring

We’d love to be able to tell you what typical days on canal boat holidays are like but no two days are the same as you can do as little or as much as you like while passing through a range of different places. The average time that people move the boat for is about 6-7 hours a day but there’s no limit to how long you do. The only limit is set by daylight hours as you can’t move the boat after dark.

There are plenty of places to stop along the way and as a general rule you can stop anywhere along the towpath side providing there is no sign to say otherwise, you are not too near a bridge, lock or water point or are not obstructing the canal in some way. One night you might stop outside a pub, the next, in the middle of nowhere. That’s part of the fun of canal boat holidays.

Our base is close to the Preston Brook Tunnel and we advise those new to canal boat holidays to head south. This allows us to accompany you through the tunnel and lock so that you become familiar with these structures and understand how to navigate them. You will then enjoy approximately seven hours of lock free cruising which helps to build your confidence in handling your boat.

Operating a lock on a boating holiday
Colourful narrowboat bow
A typical canal lock