The Narrowboat Experience

We are offering you the chance to try canal boating before deciding to hire or just to experience driving a boat. Our narrowboat training course is designed to boost your confidence in the safe operation of your holiday boat.

Our narrowboat training courses are run for either a morning or afternoon and last between 2-3 hours and are designed to be fun and informal, building your confidence and taking things at a pace that you feel comfortable with. The course offers you individual tuition with one of our experienced instructors and we limit participants to a maximum of two people.

Before setting off down the canal we will walk you through a typical narrowboat, showing you how everything works and giving you some safety tips. Your narrowboat training will then begin in earnest as we set off through the Preston Brook Tunnel and then teach you how to operate a lock. You will then steer the boat along a typical (and in parts quite bendy) piece of canal before turning the boat and heading back the way we came.

Our narrowboat training course covers the following:

  • Safety on-board
  • Navigation rules
  • Canal etiquette
  • Boat systems
  • Casting off
  • Mooring up
  • Operating a lock
  • Steering
  • Reversing
  • Turning the boat
  • Navigating a junction
  • Sharp turns
  • Use of ropes
  • Tying up
  • Holding station
  • Man overboard

To arrange narrowboat training with us simply call on 01928 717273 or email to set up a date and time. Please note that courses are subject to boat availability and take place on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If all of the boats are booked on holidays, your training may need to be rearranged.

Your narrowboat training is £50 per session and up to 2 people may attend.